Plant Based Medicine for
Plant Based Humans

Ayers Naturals creates plant-based medicines that gives your body the nutrition it needs to heal itself.  Your body is pre-designed to absorb the nutrients from the plants that we select for our formulas.

These formulas are gentle enough to be used daily and effective enough to heal you so you do not have to take them for the rest of your life.

All of our formulas come with coaching videos and easy to understand guides to help you make the life style changes that will help you heal faster naturally.


We believe in the power of your body to heal naturally.  Sometimes it just needs the right boost from the nutrients in plants.  By using the ancient art of crafting tinctures, which are like liquid tea concentrates, we are able to help your body create the right chemicals with the right target every time.

Unlike many companies we do not want you to have to use our products for life.  Since they are natural, we don’t want to wipe out a plant species like humans have done in the past.

We give you the information and coaching to get the lifestyle changes that will cures what ales you and keeps you healthy.

A supplement is meant to supplement the other things you are doing.  If you are not doing those other things, then the supplement is masking the causes of your issues instead of speeding up your recovery.

This is why coaching is a part of the Ayers Naturals’ Way of healing your issues.  Supplements are only useful if you are working them correctly.  That is why we provide information, videos, guides, and coaching to help you heal your issues as quickly as possible using our proprietary system ESEIS 25.

After 21 years of coaching clients, Brian “Uncle B” Ayers created the ESEIS 25 program to systematically help people fix the patterns that caused their health issues.  His coaching system is the foundation of the Ayers Natural’s Way.

ESEIS 25 is a practical way to score your health patterns daily.  It uses the 5 most important categories of your health which are…

Energy – what you eat, time in the sun, water consumption, and breathing patterns

Sleep – the amount and quality of your sleep

Exercise – the daily amount and type of exercise to reach your health outcome

Intermittent Fasting – how much time and when you give your body time to use the energy you consumed

Soul – how you handle stress

Reaching your daily goal in each category gives you 5 points each.  This allows you to see if you are improving, staying the same, or losing in the game of health


Purchase These Plant-Based Medicines Online

Matcha Tea


Our unique blend of Matcha Tea powder – enhances calm; boosts memory and concentration; burns calories; detoxifies the body; fortifies the immune system; improves cholesterol.

Body Flush Tea


Made from a selected blend of herbal teas & antioxidant-rich goji berries. Ingredients include tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, licorice, chrysanthemum, orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and more.

Sleepy Tea


A well-known formula that is proven for thousands of years. Known ingredients to treat sleeping disorders, and there is some preliminary research that chamomile, hops, lavender, passionflower, and lemon balm may also be useful.

Melting Fat Tea


This tea is consumed after a night’s sleep, blended to consist of the most powerful natural teas and herbs to give you metabolism-boosting, increased energy and fight fat accumulation, leading to weight loss and reduce bloating.

Fruit Tea


Our Fruit Tea blend is not only delicious but packed with natural resources that will increase stamina, suppress appetite to help you feel full for longer. Great to start the day, which will also provide a natural boost.

Apple Chips


Our energy herbal tea blend is mixed with herbs that will give your body a quick natural energy boost in the morning or just when you woke up, leaving you with a fresh feeling to start your day.

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